Restaurants compete, you win.


RHODE ISLAND FOOD FIGHTS celebrates two of everybody’s favorite things: local food and friendly competition. Our series of live, in-person and passport-based virtual culinary competitions brings together food lovers and food businesses in a fun and delicious way.

Our events settle the BIG questions, like: Where do you get the best slice of pizza? Who makes the best donut? What’s the best burger in town? If you’ve got the appetite, we’ve got the answers.



For Restaurants


RHODE ISLAND FOOD FIGHTS is an effective and inexpensive way to bring your food to new customers – and new customers into your place of business. Our events put you in a fun, friendly competition against other local food businesses, introducing you to hundreds of local food lovers at a fraction of the cost of other new customer acquisition methods.

For Food Lovers


RHODE ISLAND FOOD FIGHTS is the best value in food and fun. Our light-hearted, friendly culinary competitions give you a fast and lively opportunity to discover the best local pizza, wings, burgers, cupcakes, ice cream, and lots of other favorites.