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RHODE ISLAND FOOD FIGHTS is an effective and inexpensive way to bring your food to new customers – and new customers into your place of business. Our events put you in a fun, friendly competition against other local food businesses, introducing you to hundreds of local food lovers at a fraction of the cost of other new customer acquisition methods.

Participate in one of our live, in-person events and you’ll be face-to-face with hundreds of potential new customers. Every one of our attendees is a local food lover hungry for the best and our competition is your chance to impress them. At the end, first and second place winners will be chosen by our expert judging panel and the People’s Choice will be voted on by the crowd. Winners get bragging rights, media exposure, and cool trophies made by a local artist. We’ve watched several of our competitors grow from in-home start-ups to brick-and-mortar businesses based on the reputations they earned at RHODE ISLAND FOOD FIGHTS events.

Our passport-based virtual events bring new customers right to your door. Food lovers purchase these coupon books featuring 15-20 restaurants and cafes in categories like pizza, wings, burgers, iced coffee, and bagels. They’re got several weeks to eat their way around the competition before they vote for their favorite online. Our data shows that 50% of passport-holders will show up at your business to redeem their coupon, and 70% of those will be first-time customers. That means if we sell 600 passports (usually a good estimate), you can expect 210 new customers – each one for the cost of a slice of pizza or a taco.

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